Previsualization and virtual commissioning

Anticipate the future

One of the most interesting features of learning in an immersive reality is the previsualization of places, plants and devices, which allows, although they are not still operative, to familiarize with the unknown environment through a high resolution 3D context; this condition, rather than faster physical and operative approach of workers with the plant, enable the user to effect on the representative state of the plant, generating changes in simulation through the VIRTUAL COMMISSIONING widget, the most innovative frontier of interactivity in a stereoscopy system, lending a margin of operational control hardly desirable in other types of visual approach.

What you can do

  • A chemical and physical simulation engine
  • A state-of-the-art engine to create real-time virtual-reality immersive environments
  • An augmented reality engine which provides some additional layers of information and of explanation
  • Training and maintenance procedures with all correct tasks mapped in dedicated scenarios
  • Equipment animations and hazardous situations
  • Connection to the Chemical-Physical Simulator (basic or 3rd Party OTS)
  • Immersivity and stereoscopy
  • Volumetric Weather Conditions
  • Dynamic Light Conditions
  • Dynamic Fluid and Gas Simulation

Real saving

Experiencing the real operational and environmental options through a virtual reality device, takes more advantages, as:

HIGH REALISM, IMMERSION AND STEREOSCOPY through which the human brain is able to reconstruct environments and objects from a 3D scene. The use of high immersive virtual reality in training procedures delivers better results in terms of:

  • lower average time for completion of each phase of complex tasks;
  • lower average number of mistakes in practice and assessment phases of complex tasks

Augmented Reality allows trainees to see additional contents and information on smart floating 3D layers related to the specific equipment they are working with.

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