Operational Process Optimization

Improve performances

Previsualization of plants and industrial processes allows to faster the integration of new personnel and new operative procedures but is also a chance, for the management, to check out any critical issues as to bring improvements to processes. In this sense, the accuracy of the 3D reproduction and the wide range of situations simulated in the model, can play a key role in the recognition of lacks and shortages of procedures.

Reach your goals

The instructor station helps to optimize not only the training moment but also contributes to check out some procedure’s bugs and deficit in the supervisor-apprentice relation, like an incorrect performance of tasks’ steps or the wrong attribution of a certain activity to an operator.

Tracking Certification Reporting

  • Tracking of performances and evolution of Operators’ results over time
  • Tracking the best results reached
  • Reporting the activity plan and certification expirations

Planning Controlling Execution

  • Better planning and execution of training
  • Higher level of control over training execution and results
  • Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Higher precision in assigning the best Operators to the right activities

Look forward

Operation Processes Optimization, savings come from the transversal interaction of all benefit factors arising from the different areas of application of Virtual Reality and, in particular, by the possibility to:

  • Simulate processes and thus understand the best operational conditions and variables.
  • Visualize and optimize processes, prevent and diagnose problems.
  • Shutdowns’ Control and planning
  • Possibility to train, simulate and plan Repairing interventions

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