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Why training allows to save

In our comparative studies, we observe an increasing of direct and indirect benefits, coming from the investment in personnel training through real time virtual reality simulation. Performance improvements is the primary source of indirect benefits (saving time percentage in a certain time span) considering faster training elapsed time and higher levels of operators’ knowledge, while a direct costs’ saving is due to the possibility of a higher job rotation, as well as the advantages of a risk-free environments to practice, which strongly reduces the costs of real shutdowns of plants or the simulation of incidents.


One of the best application of Virtual Reality is in the creation of risk-free environments to practice, test and develop competences, by simulating situations that cannot always be reproduced in reality (risky situations, incidents, emergency shutdowns …).

In this context, operators can:

  • practice on procedures and improve skills in safety-critical tasks rarely performed in reality
  • learn how to react quickly and correctly in high stress situations


Time and cost savings originate from on-the-job training for new large personnel requirements is the result of:

  • Diminishing costs of liabilities and insurances
  • Containing trend of criminal and civil charges
  • Decreasing trend of costs for accidents
  • Reducing trend of human life losses and injuries
  • Higher possibility to prevent or reduce environmental impact in case of disaster can be, over than an ethical goal, even a strong source of savings

Risks & human errors

Human error is one of the primary causes of accidents, and it is growing in percentage (37% on the whole amount of accidents) ¹

Possibility to simulate critical tasks (incidents, emergency shutdowns …) by creating risk-free environments to practice, test and develop competences

Operational error is the most expensive source of money losses

Operators can practice on procedures, improve skills and learn how to react quickly and correctly in high stress situations.

  ¹Internal data and calculation subject to authorized disclosure. More details can be disclosed to third parties on request and if covered by NDA agreement

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